Erotic japanese gravure idol Aya Kiguchi

April 26th, 2011

Aya Kiguchi is a famous japanese gravure idol. She’s got the most perfect body, nice petite frame, beautiful face and sexy ass! She’s posing here in her black bra and panties (or is that a bikini?) and laying on her bed, rubbing her thigh, kicking her legs, showing her hot tight ass and more sexy posing from this super hot and pretty japanese girl

Aya Kiguchi in her very colorful bikini

November 9th, 2010

Gorgeous and young japanese gravure idol Aya Kiguchi is wearing her colorful swimsuit bikini and jumping all over the place looking extremely cute. She has a huge cute smile and her retro-style purple, pink and yellow bikini is so bright and sexy on her tight flawless japanese body. Enjoy :)

Aya Kiguchi so cute at the beach

October 15th, 2010

Here is a little mini compilation of Aya Kiguchi photos. Some she’s in her cute blue bikini playing in the beach sand. Some she’s getting upside down wearing her lingerie in her bed. And some she’s wearing her striped bikini in some beach and wooded area. But my favorite is when she’s wearing her bikini and laying in a bed of fruits! She’s so lovely, Aya Kiguchi, you melt hearts!

OMFG Aya Kiguchi ass is just extraordinary!!!

July 23rd, 2010

Gorgeous young japanese gravure model Aya Kiguchi is laying in bed posing in her sexy bra and panties and her sexy body. She is putting her knees together and looking mighty sexy! Then she rolls over onto her stomach and shows off how hot her ass is in those nice lace panties. Her hair looks beautiful, all curly and done up well. She’s the most pretty japanese face in the world

Aya is in the shower spraying herself wet

May 15th, 2010

Gravure idol Aya Kiguchi is wearing her bikini and smiling as she’s spraying herself all wet with the shower thing, she’s spraying her hot boobs and the water is running down her cleavage and she’s spraying her private area, it’s all wet and juicy! Aya is the most beautiful japanese idol in the world

Aya Kiguchi with her sexy japanese friend in bikini

April 16th, 2010

Aya Kiguchi is with her cute japanese friend, anyone know her friends name? please contact us let us know. They are both wearing cute little bikinis, something about cute japanese idols wearing bikinis looks so hot and turns me on. They are hugging on each other rubbing each others body. They are both so petite, and looking so cute as they are squirting their water guns at the camera.

Aya Kiguchi is super sexy posing on the beach

January 8th, 2010


Cute japanese idol Aya Kiguchi is kickboxing

December 27th, 2009

Aya Kiguchi is looking so sexy in the boxing ring wearing her little white bikini panties and her lil miniskirt. She’s dancing around the kickboxing ring pulling up her miniskirt and teasing and posing like the cutest japanese gravure idol in the world!!! She IS the most beautiful idol!!!

Aya Kiguchi i love her ass in this magazine or dvd cover

December 11th, 2009

aya kiguchi

Sexy japanese geisha, Aya Kiguchi in blue kimono

November 22nd, 2009

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Sexy japanese idol Aya Kiguchi is wearing her blue kimono robe and acting as a sexy japanese geisha, but she’s more than a geisha, she’s hotter and sexier, as she’s removing that kimono robe, showing off her hot tight ass and nice boobs while still being totally classy and wearing her white bra and panties. She’s laying on the floor pushing her nice boobs together teasing us to the max!!! Hotdamn she’s so beautiful!

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